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“Pleasure Paradise” by Christina Dean

Notes from the Artist:

(Christina Dean she/her)

"The medium I used was acrylic paint, moss, and artificial flowers. The name of the piece is “Pleasure Paradise”.

I have a lot of inspirations and of this painting!

This art work was made for the female gaze.

This painting represents Feminine energy, and body positivity. The trees lined up on the horizon, Embracing all sizes and body types. This painting represents confidence. Posing in a way where you feel sexy and feel like THAT BITCH. The way that I painted the flower queen on the right defines stretch marks as beautiful markings instead of flaws. The green skins represents any skin color! This painting represents ANYONE that wants to feel confident and unapologetically themselves. This painting gives off Sexual energy. Sharing physical touch with one another and to oneself . I made this piece because I always enjoyed painting landscapes and nude figures and decided to combine those topics in a feminine way. I made this painting to embrace my feminine side, feeling confident, sexy, and accept my flaws as beautiful art. If you enjoyed this painting I continued this series with 5 more paintings on my personal account on instagram @christinadean_. If you want to see more art, I have portraits, landscapes, digital and queer art on my art instagram @z_a_n_a_r_a"

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