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About Porch Water Press

 “Are the waters rising or receding? Or just passing through?”

Honoring the history of the porch, the home, the waters, and Black, queer women led publishing projects as sites of revolution, Porch Water Press is a publishing house with the purpose of uplifting and celebrating the particular now-ness of young artistic life. At the nexus of crises - climate change, political upheaval, rising fascism - and the amazing communities working to love, hope, and transform despite/amongst the noise, Porch Water Press is an archive of this time in history, proof that we been here, and will continue to be here. We are both somebody’s baby and future ancestors, finding, creating, and preparing a world better than the one we’ve been given. We are a publishing house that will uplift writing, art, music, and further creative work of our community, especially Black, Indigenous, Artists of Color, Low-Income folks, Queer, Trans community members. This work will be uplifted on our instagram, hosted on our website (creative ecosystem/digital garden), and physically printed in seasonal zines and publications.  ​

Our Team

Our Team is still growing! If you're interested in getting involved, contact us at the form below!

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