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Are the waters rising or receding?
Or just passing through?

Come find out with us at Porch Water Press

Welcome to Porch Water Press

Based in Lenapehoking (New Brunswick, NJ),

Porch Water Press is a publishing house honoring and celebrating the history of the porch, the home, the waters, and Black, queer women led publishing projects as sites of revolution. We're dedicated to creating a space for creative community, prioritizing Black, Indigenous, Queer, Trans, and other folks claiming the margins as the center. 

Our Projects


The Water Behind Us

Our First Publication, The Water Behind Us, is out September 17th!

a 90 page, full color book featuring 36 Black, Indigenous, Queer, Trans, and more diverse contributors!

Pre-Order at our shop!

Porch Water  Journal

Our independent journal dedicated to serving our community by documenting our experiences and delivering our truths through the publication of essays, articles, and other forms of creative non-fiction.

Porch Water Press

Creating a more liberatory future for all.

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