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The Water Behind Us

a zine, forthcoming in Summer 2023

The Water Behind Us is the first edition of
our Porch Water Press zine series


The Water Behind Us is a collective zine asking - what must end for us to begin anew?

What washes up on the shoreline of our new beginnings?

What mysteries does the rain pull out of the soil?

How do themes of renewal, decay, birth, and the in-between travel through the portal os your artistic expression?

Along this coast of ours, nothing is strange

Inviting your poems, stories, meditations, games, recipes, art, creative non-fiction, algorithimic meditations, dream journals, brain fog, quilted histories, spells, fashion designs, birdsong, protest signs, &&&

Submissions open April 26 - May 30th
Accepting submissions in both English and Spanish!

All are welcome, prioritizing BIPOC, LGBTQ, and other folks bringing the margins to the center. 


With The Water Behind Us, what's ahead?

How do we travel there together?

Come find out with us.

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